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winter preparation with Zooplus

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October 28th, 2013 by Zooplus TR Type your comment »

zooplus a zel 1 winter preparation with Zooplus we need to pay more attention to the care of our cats and dogs in the upcoming winter months. Especially products geared to the needs to provide comfort during the winter months for them both, and you will be an indispensable product for animal lovers!

The cats and dogs first summer fluff to the new environment, adapts to changing their thick winter hair . The longer this period will be extremely important to brush and browse to pass more healthy. Must receive the nutrients they need when replacing the fur structure. Eat a balanced diet and they fall, requirements to protect against the cold heat generating body heat during the winter months also increases the need for energy in the diet. Age of advanced animals are more sensitive to cold. External environment is viewed, or the amount of food at dinner who spend pets outside the house most of his time should be increased during the cold winter months.

the winter pet’s water bowl should keep filled with fresh and unfrozen water. Water loss due to dry air and the use of heaters affects in large measure the amount of water. Putting a hot spot of the bed for cats and dogs living at home often enough. Especially implicit model that cat and dog beds pet for both secure and in the warm winter days will provide comfortable sleeping facilities. 227668_katzenhoehle_fisch_neu2_07_2012_2

The less movement in winter and hiking, weight gain can cause your cat or dog. Surely you take the time to play cat and your dog. In particular, can provide you with the ease of movement promoted by walking your dog.

As for your cat and the game can create a warm and fun atmosphere in your home by selecting the products they can both scratching. MOR4

litter winter preparation with Zooplus Home particular can make cat litter cleaning very easy way to your home with Depolo my product to facilitate the toilet cleaning our cat in the winter months.

Another of the particular toughest issues or cat winter with your dog travel in the summer. Zooplus with the alternative offered by carrying bags for you and you have pets, both can have comfortable as well as a hot travel during the winter months. tekerlekli 6 winter preparation with Zooplus kral 5 winter preparation with Zooplus

winter preparation with Zooplus




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