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What do cheetahs eat

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Last Updated: February 6, 2016


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He defeats by using the two claws on the hunt. The claws are sharp and strong, it also help the momentum.
Lions and steal their prey is spotted the Cheetah sirtlarla.
For the hunt begins in the groin, where the skin is thin. Respectively, in the groin, thigh, abdomen, front of thigh the other place the legs, skin and intestines are eaten.
Weak teeth, however, can break the small bones.
The small type mostly hunt wildebeest, springbok, impala or antelope, such as the larger the offspring. Hare, hedgehog, bird ta place. The great wildebeest hunting as a team.
Suikerbos young man to hunt a giraffe in the natural reserve of RA 3 are known.
One mother’s attacks while dodging the other cubs while hunting in groups, prey on the process.

What do cheetahs eat




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