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Visuals: How Animals Think Environment

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Last Updated: June 13, 2015

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hayvanlar %C3%A7evreyi nas%C4%B1l g%C3%B6r%C3%BCyor Visuals: How Animals Think Environment we have with many of our daily lives, we feed the animals in our house has always been curious about how they see their surroundings. Could you see like us, it is able to discern color, they also color-blindness etc. Are there issues is intended specifically by feeding the animals necessarily. Her what ‘s first animals, then how they see the environment with visual watch it …

– a Photo Allowed , living eukaryotes of the world (Eukaryota) in the upper realms animals ( Animalia ) is the common name for the species is classified in the universe. “Animal” word, in daily use mainly in the biological context if used to express non-human breathing and moving things contains the human. Animals in the scientific and the Latin name of the Worlds “Animalia” is the term still is in Latin and “living” or “spirit” meaning the anima is derived from animal is the plural of the word. Animals Another Latin scientific term used to describe the universe Metazoa is.

Usually multicellular kingdom is fed to adapt to environmental and other creatures. Their bodies, the embryo develops some metamorphoses goals. Are multicellular eukaryotic organisms. Take digesting the food in general.

Many of the animals are active and which are typical thick cell walls in plants usually do not. Cellular migration during embryonic development and tissue organization in large measure be seen. Reproduction primary (primary) as is sexual; with diploid chromosome females and males mayozl the haploid chromosome gametes are created for them in the combined diploid zygote.

The species that live more than 1.5 million have been identified, but according to some 20 million of the actual amount, according to some, is believed to be in more than 50 million. ( Source: Wikipedia)

Animals in to see how the environment of:

atlarin gorusu1 300x195 Visuals: How Animals Think Environment Horses
horses with an incredible field of vision, but binoculars exactly because they have a vision between the two eyes can not see the image in the region. that divides the two eyes in a wide range of views.

kedi kopeklerin gorusu 300x294 Visuals: How Animals Think Environment Cats and Dogs
Cats and dogs are strong They do not have a vision perception. This further enhanced the sense of sight and sound perception of the smell of the two species. Especially cats, dogs are more evil than it. They are color-blind. Dogs can detect the difference between yellow and blue, but occasionally cats can not even do that edge. But cats are night vision in terms of even better than humans.

kuslarin gorusu 300x204 Visuals: How Animals Think Environment Birds
see many different birds. For example, millions of pigeons can detect the different color tones. Already colors in nature are known to be detected in the wide range of animal species. Eyes has much more color receptors than other species.
maymunlarin gorusu 300x300 Visuals: How Animals Think Environment Monkeys red like a man of a Photo old world monkeys , it has already proven to be able to detect green and blue colors. But many New World monkeys do not have this ability. Even today, every member of the ape family does not have the same visual perception. The full six different types of color blindness in monkeys available. In this sense, it looks just like monkeys to humans. Male monkeys of color blindness more common than in women.

sinekler boceklerin gorusu1 300x239 Visuals: How Animals Think Environment Flies and insects
exploded eye structures It makes the visual perception of different people. Point-eyed lenses can be found around the eyes for 30 thousand of many types of these pests. For example, it does not believe the brain works at a speed of dragonfly. But they perceive that everything they see in slow motion.

You will be able to distinguish colors, but other animals are not strong enough. Visual perception and movement is very responsive. Therefore, very agile and hard about killing.

yilanlarin gorusu 288x300 Visuals: How Animals Think Environment Snakes
snake with two systematic eye perception. One of these systems is much better perceive colors. Other systems also have perceptions based on temperature. In this sense, it works like the eyes of an infrared detector. So can choose other animals and people with a special algae-based heat.

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Visuals: How Animals Think Environment




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