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Last Updated: June 5, 2015

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US market in one of the suburbs of New York City, which enters the cell by a dog backpack. Dogs are also written on the paper bag. Go to the dogs barking cheese department officials twice, on the back

Displays the notes.
The Note; “Two patterns of white, two die te cheese” in a letter.
Guard orders data and chips also attach a note to the dog.
Dog visit a few more sections for other orders, and eventually comes to the chassis.

The cashier also barking twice, it shows the note on the back.
“Mr. cashier, the money they get my dog ​​is reviewing the left front pocket. When you superior to take a Photo Money, dog my top of the money shows and “ okay ” to.
money later is ok dog once not twice will bark. ”
cashier: “Money over the okay ?”
dogs: “ pile .”

sign that the dog looked happy cashier As he shakes his tail and separated from the market.

the cashier supervisor: “This dog is a genius. The first time I saw something like this was incredible, “he says.
Amir:” This is not something they see. I’m letting you in a while. Now see the sly they did it follow and track. “

Cashier dog begins to follow.

Dog traffic light for pedestrians” green “awaits the fire.
Green goes against lights up and sits on top of come there benches to a bus stop. Go in front of a Photo from the first bus number looks, then turns back into place.
Then see also numbers from the bus and the bus. Allows consideration the receiving turning ticket the driver of a Photo Ticket to the backpack.
a few stops after the dog “ There will drop ” hits the paw button and in the plant bus.

A short walk after coming to öneü a house with a garden dog opens by pushing the lever to the garden door to a patisyl, likewise shut the door.
Then comes the front of the house doors, solving the laces of his bag on his back with his teeth ensures slowly ground down.
facing one of the peel inside the paw eyes of the backpack on the floor one dog was difficult.
apparently can not find something that call.
a while, the dog lying on the ground quietly, slowly rises and hit a few times with the patina of the house door.

The door of the house violently pop, loud a fellow dog hefty screaming her slurs rain starts.
cashier was surprised.
One moment he starts to shout:
– “Sir, he is a genius dog i. Why are you yelling at him, is not a sin to animals over! “

The Man:” What genius to be! You cut off the man’s hat knowing why you’re doing what’s that dog? “
Cashier:” What did the dog? “
Man:” This dog twice this week key next Get the has left the house to go shopping.
This dog is not a genius, he’s an idiot . “

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Stories; “Forty years you carry water if can not see, you parts once or twice a reprimand , you’ll see.”

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This dog An Ingenious




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