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Last Updated: June 8, 2015

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ar%C4%B1lar 2 The greatest threat to world The importance of bees in the food system is not generally appreciated. These insects pollinated three-quarters of the 100 plant species (dusting) are responsible, and they provide about 90 per cent of the global food supply. The economic value of these activities is approximately $ 200 billion of bees. But in recent years, North America and worrying bee colonies in Europe

The number began to collapse.

Colony Collapse Disorder CCD (colony collapse disorder, or colony collapse syndrome) called a disease due worker bees fail to return to the hive after the pollen-collecting trips.

This syndrome causes bee colonies to die on 80-100 thousand workers abandoned the colony. Worker bee larvae waiting in alone with the queen bee in a honeycomb result of this death, so is staying alone. Shortly after the queen bee and larvae dying.
Sum up the whole colonies disappear.

The exact cause of these deaths is unknown. Scientists said the death; pesticides, the natural environment (habitat) decrease is standing on might cause the smoke of diesel fuel with parasites.
Besides, these negative factors, the bees have also indicated that stressful.
Stress entering the bees garbled changed their behavior, and as a result, overly defensive or rising too overly aggressive behavior.

On the other hand, they live generated load until they can not move in the bee stress, eventually put forward in the cause of death as a mass of CCD bees.

England Southampton University in a short article published in the results of research on this topic [ * ] “fumes from diesel exhaust, bees recognize the flowers smell (place of detection, etc.) and food which restricts the navigation application skills used in finding resources and in many cases they can not use this ability “are indicated.
– more detailed information about
Subject (English) for [ * ] here Click here … and a Photo –
Author’s Note:

Approximately 90% of the global food supply provided that the key role played by honeybees have disappeared completely, seeing as big a threat to our world scientists and experts have a lot of reason to worry in earnest.

Because they are; the disappearance of bees, about 75% of the world’s plant varieties would reduce the food supply will be adversely affected by extraordinary, thereby also are aware of the problems that face mankind

Thread; Except 8-10 countries, is a trifle too country management, it will avoid the problem are unlikely to be financial support for research.

In summary, some sensitive countries (unfortunately does not include our country in the interior), excluding other countries of the world almost on TV such that traces of bee documentary …

Thank you for taking the time you read this article …

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