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Socialize your dog to Adopt & amp; Shop & amp; rsquo; s-Pack Games

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Last Updated: July 7, 2015

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Posted by Chelsea B., dog trainer at Adopt & amp; amp; Shop

We all want our dogs to be able to in a fun, socialize positive way. Dog parks can vary greatly from the socialization a dog is on the time of day based on that pet parents attention, the dogs in the park, and even the weather. Therefore accept & amp; amp; Shop developed “Pack-games.” Pack-Play is a great way to socialize your dog in a positive way, while learning about the body language of your dog, play styles and how to promote positive interactions. Pack game is supervised by a coach you and your dog and visited.

Package games helps socialize your dog safely with other dogs.

Pre-Pack game begins is every dog ​​tested to ensure that they are a good fit. This means that even if you do not have the best manners, they are still social with other dogs. They might bark when they are playing, jumping on other dogs, gap when chasing them, or they may be perfect to play with other puppies. Whatever might be their style of play always, we find out what it, to ensure that each dog is a safe and positive experience games pack.

According to the dog for temperament evaluated, each owner starts walking with his dog. We all move with our dogs on a leash until all dogs are walking and comfortable. Then all the dogs off leash will be the same. Let them all go at the same time reduces the burden that many dogs feel when they bombed by a time (to the dog park, as if loose dogs rushing the gate) is surrounded, or, more dogs.

Package games teaches you how to read social cues you between dogs.

Once the dog without a leash, our trainer will. On body language and signals match each dog, and they will tell you as soon as they occur The goal is as a pet parents to be comfortable and safe, allowing you to play your dog and for your dog to a quiet, positive play partner for other dogs

Pet for you , Parents who participate in packs play with their dogs have a great time playing and see how your dog to have fun. They also come with complete knowledge of the behavior of their dog and social signals they encounter more confidence in their day to day interactions with her dog and other dogs makes them.

Want to Experience Pack Play for yourself? Stop by Adopt & amp; amp; Store in Culver City and check it out

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Socialize your dog to Adopt & amp; Shop & amp; rsquo; s-Pack Games




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