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Sleepless Dog Drama

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Last Updated: June 6, 2015

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ac%C4%B1nacak k%C3%B6pek Sleepless Dog Drama The old and tired-looking dog came into our garden. The leash on her neck, the healthy-looking state and proper weight, he owned a house and had seen that look good. Slowly I stroked his head and started walking toward the house. He entered the house behind me watching me, then look right and left, walked with the correct heavy step into the corner of the hall, there, little

He lay curled on the carpet and fell asleep in a minute.

An hour later, He woke up. Come with me licked my hand, looked at me earnestly thanks, headed for the door. I opened the door, looked at me again and slightly barking (bye as if to say) street appeared and disappeared.

came again the next day and repeated the same scene.

Three weeks this visit and sleeping dog took the case.

After an arrival of the collar on the neck: “It’s cute, smart and well-behaved, I wonder if the owner of the great dog. Your dog situation like this, like that, “said I attach a note.

There was a note on the leash the dog came to sleep the next day:
” My dog, both live in our house with six small children under the age of 3 years. You know, children crying at night, during the day due to the continuous play with him, unfortunately I can not get the dog to sleep. Therefore; it seems that you would have liked, to go to sleep at home. I believe I’m the same with him and miserable from insomnia . I wonder if I’m with my dog ​​ Can I come to you ? “

I received in my life most beautiful note . Dog wakes up both words I wrote my answer.

Yes, you can come ” …

– Lived English text of a story my friend Mr. Ertan Balam is conducting me.
– Text by you is translated into Turkish.

Author’s Note: dog on a Photo Story, which helps to overcome the insomnia drama, people to him who opened her home to be a real animal lover and today, recognize animals people will accept home in order to know the existence of such people I published this article.

Best wishes for a Happy New Year.

You stay lovingly … simple smile Sleepless Dog Drama

Thank you for taking the time you read this article …

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