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Service Dog of the Day: Stormy

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Last Updated: April 17, 2015

Meet Stormy. This 4-year-old black lab was a bomb dog with the 1st Battalion, 8th Marines stationed in Afghanistan. Well-trained to sniff out improvised explosive devices during a foot patrol in the mountains of Helmand province, Stormy is five roadside bombs and saves both soldiers and civilians from injury and death.

stormy on the job Service Dog of the Day: Stormy

Stormy sniff out IEDs. Photo courtesy of Jennifer Hall on

Josh Miller, who served in stormy unit, said of Stormy: “He was a great dog, not only because he found IEDs could, but also because of his personality and his company. They would go on patrol and three hours, you’d pretty wired back to base, because you have just shot him shot, and he would come to you and wants to cuddle. It took your mind off what you’ve just been through. “

stormy and unit Service Dog of the Day: Stormy

Josh Miller on Stormy far left in the middle. Photo courtesy of Jennifer Hall on

During his tour in Afghanistan, Josh got to know very well Stormy, and even pictures of Stormy send back home to his family. Such a picture called on his sister, Jennifer, to send treats for the dogs bombs. Later, as both her brother and husband served in Afghanistan, Jennifer was inspired to put their name on the waiting list to adopt a retired military dogs. Imagine their surprise when they that they had been matched with a retired bomb dog the call in November 2013, got – a 4-year-old black Labrador named … STORMY! Yes, it was on the same Stormy her brother, Josh, had served in Afghanistan!


Bomb dogs usually at 7-8 years in retirement, but Stormy got heat stroke, which left him with difficulty regulating his body temperature, so it was no longer safe for him in hot, dry to serve climate. He now lives with her husband and Jennifer Hall in North Carolina, where he loves to get the game and always pats of his new family. He also enjoys occasional visits from his old Navy friend, Josh.

stormy and josh Service Dog of the Day: Stormy

Stormy and Josh – trading war stories? Photo courtesy of Katie Roupe /

“He recognized me. He knew me at once,” Miller said. “He liked to get it gave the Marines always 30 or 40 Marines around him and he was always playful and wanted to be petted. He is a great dog.”

Hall jokes that she “chopped liver “when Stormy sees her brother.

stormy josh and jennifer Service Dog of the Day: Stormy

Josh Miller, Stormy and Jennifer Hall. Photo courtesy Katie Roupe /

Because he is so gentle and good with people, Jennifer is planning Stormy as a therapy dog ​​to get certified. Josh has adopted its own retirement bomb dog; a 6-year-old Labrador named Bonnie.

“The main reason why I wanted was because it served their country in the same way as we did,” said Miller. “They were overseas with us through all the heat and all the time we were fired upon, and she was injured and sometimes killed. I thought the least I could do is a good nursing home a dog.”

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Service Dog of the Day: Stormy




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