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Sanicat cat litter at Zooplus!

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Last Updated: April 12, 2015

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Untitled 4 300x75 Sanicat cat litter at Zooplus!

We want to give everything to our cats: attentive care, hygiene, a balanced diet, care and plenty love …

The first rule is to give them the toilet able to live healthy habits. It is appropriate to its needs him, you must provide a pleasant smell of sand that provides extremely gentle patina to act effectively in the corner of the cage or hygiene. A suitable sand use will be delighted you and your pet.

your pet is special, so the sand …

Cats our always clean, comfortable and healthy environment own will, to enter into stress, natural instincts will satisfy you encounter any problems. Sanicat sand that is being done and all of the products you need with 100% natural, maximum quality you can find everything in one product. Due to the high absorbent properties, taking control in a natural way bad smells and facilitates cleaning.

100% natural, Sanicat sand that provide 100% comfort closely Getting to know!

with oxygen power professional clumping 10 lt z 133x300 Sanicat cat litter at Zooplus! Sanicat clumping Oxygen Power


  • does not contain dust
  • contains the active oxygen (to neutralize odors and has a bactericidal effect).
  • High suction power
  • Excellent agglomeration
  • The pellet keeps forming liquids.


Active oxygen, cleaning fragrant and effective and innovative clumped sand provides complete disinfection.

duo professional clumping vanilya ve mandalin kokulu 10 lt z 133x300 Sanicat cat litter at Zooplus! Sanicat clumping Duo


  • Economic and lasting
  • Aggregation and light
  • Natural and clean
  • Soft and fresh
  • excellent effect on bad odors


Soft and fresh fragrant aroma. Natural, clean and economical use of the product.

Untitled 9 Sanicat cat litter at Zooplus! Sanicat Classic

Features :

  • Affordable and reliable.
  • Natural sepiolite product
  • 100% suction power
  • Prevents odors .
  • Comfortable and practical


Effective and excellent quality.

indir 165x300 Sanicat cat litter at Zooplus! Sanicat Superplus


  • Lavender and consisting of orange double flavor, fresher, longer lasting
  • Improved formula.
  • High suction power.
  • Natural sepiolite.


hygiene effectively provide your pet and home release a light perfume.

Sanicat cat litter at Zooplus!




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