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Last Updated: December 5, 2014

Places he lived: in the forests, plains and swamps of North America, Europe and Asia. Features: The dog is bigger and wider than the dog. It stays in the daytime, hunts at night. They are hunted in the winter by bringing them to the rush. The skin is covered with pale, yellow and blackish hairs. Life: 15-20 years. Varieties: Rural, red wolf, gray wolf, etc.

The Carnivora is a predatory animal that looks like a dog, from the dog family. It usually lives in desolate areas. The weight is 35-50 kg. Some Canadian wolves weigh 85-90 pounds. A large wolf is 120 cm long, 90 cm in height around the shoulder. There is also a tail up to 50 cm in length. With this wide and hairy tail, when you fall asleep in the cold weather, you are protected from freezing by wrapping around your naked nose and feet. The tail is sagging, erect ears.

Vision, hearing sense is disconcerting. It goes out to hunt at night. When he’s hungry, he attacks man. Unlike a dog, its tail is longer, its ears larger and steeper, its posture more hairy, its length longer, its teeth and its jaw larger and stronger. When they found fame with their hostility, they were hunted by people and their progeny decreased considerably.

The dogs are the biggest, wildest member of their family. Boz wolf (Canis lupus) is found in America, from Arctic Islands to Mexico, in Europe and Asia, especially in parts of India and China. Postu is covered with yellow and blackish hairs. The red wolf (Canis niger) is a unique species in the United States between Texas and Florida. Boz is smaller than the wolf, similar to a little ridge. Rural (Canis latrans) lives in North America. Hear every night with your own voice. Postu is worthy of fur. Rabbits and small rodents prey abundantly. This can be considered beneficial. Wolves can survive under very different conditions, on their sisters, on ice, in tundra, in forests and steppes. They can also be sheltered in rocky spots as they lived in tunnels up to 9 meters below the ground. There is an exemplary family life on the wolves. As long as the man does not leave his wife for any reason, he lives with his wife until the end of his life. When one of the wives is injured, the other looks at it by carrying the food. If the female dies, it feeds the male pups and enlarges them. Pairing is like being in a dog. They choose safe places because they can not escape during mating. Unmatched by two months (64 days) after 4-6 pups are born with closed eyes. It is usually the offspring in May. They feed their babies in caves, in steep slopes and in natural hollows on the foothills. After 14 days from birth, the eyes of the pups are opened. The pups fed with breast milk for a week or two are immediately cut off from the milk. At this time, the mother feeds her offspring by throwing half-digested flesh in her pussy. Male horses are hunted and the pups that bring their meat to their pups in mids continues until they grow up. The puppies go out with their parents for three weeks and get used to daily life. Teeth develop before men. Teeth 2, men 3 years of age. The wolves start to grow old by the age of 12, and after two years they will not cut their teeth thoroughly. The maximum life span is 20 years.

The wolves that fly in the winter are not so crowded. It is normally a community of 10 to 12 years old, all of whom belong to the same family. Wolves that wander in certain hunting areas hunt animals such as deer, mountain sheep. It is very resistant to hunger, and when it is hungry, it also places vegetable foods such as watermelon and blackberry. When the wolf finds food, you can eat as much weight as your weight. Put the rest on the ground to eat again.

The Kurdun religion is very famous. There are 6 different universes, each of which has its own distinctive meaning, when it is heard, even if it shakes animals.

One of them is a long time when they will come out in the winter months. After that, they all begin to gather. In this togetherness the wolves produce unity, solidarity and enthusiasm. There is the strongest and the greatest captain in front of the crawling bird. They lead to a kite drive, and when they meet with a prey, they first attack themselves, encouraging others. Weak and weak are in the last ranks of the crawl. They do not even hesitate to attack people in winter. If one wounds one by putting their wings against the wolves in cold blood, they all attack on it and take the wounded pieces. In fact, the attacker can go out and cut his finger and drop the blood on one of the wings in the bottom of the tree. So they give up attacking man. In spring and summer the herd is scattered. They start hunting alone or in groups of 2-3 individuals.

Most of the attacks on Kurdun bay are in the morning. Your dog will wait tired and sleepy. They limit their hunting areas to rocks, hollows and shrubs. A foreign wolf understands that he is entering a foreign land with smell. The wolves of the region warn foreigners.

Fur, gloves and drums are made from the wolf post. There is a story that female wolves feed human pups too. The founder of the city of Rome is fed by a female wolf of Romulus and of Romulus.

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