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Last Updated: December 4, 2014

Tigers places of residence: Asia’s reeds and damp forests. Features: The largest and the most predatory mammal of the cat’s genus. Your height is three meters and the weight is 250 kg. When they are hungry they go down to the villages and attack the animals and people. Life: 25 years. Varieties: Siberian tigers, Sumatra tigers, Sunda tigers, Bengal tigers, Bali tigers, Hazar tigers, Chinese tigers.

It is a predatory mammal with a cinnamon-colored, post-pubic striped family of felines. The tail is tassel free. His stomach is white. White stripes are also present on the striped face. Kaplan’s hometown is Asia. In the north Siberia lives in the region between India and the peninsula of Malacca in the south. The striped post helps to hide itself in the grassy swamp forest. Empty building wrecks are also the ideal shelter for tigers. The color of the posture is not much different from the distance, as it is the color of the area where the color is. The post of the tiger living in the Rewa district of India is dirty white with dark brown streaks on it. Eyes, nose and soles are also pink. They travel alone or in groups. The smallest of the tigers is Sumatra, the youngest is the Siberian tiger. The boy’s tail approaches four meters. The weight may be more than 325 kilograms. The average life span is 25 years.

Although the tiger is very similar to the lion, the tiger is separated from him by the lack of the stripes and the wind. It could be a crossroads coming from a lantern covered with a lion. But tiger hybrids are rarely found in this kind of hybrids for rare productions.

Tigers who throw themselves into the water in dangerous moments can easily swim. These big-structured wild cats, who like it more than their favorite bushes, climb very easily. Tigers who prefer places with water hunt in that area without going far away. When tigers who are not human hunters become accustomed to the taste of this meat, they are a great danger to the people of that region. In India, where even the villagers are abandoned in such cases, the number of people who eat and tear tigers is close to that. Older, sickly tigers can not catch their normal prey because they are down from strength. In this case they attack unarmed people. In the past, 400 people in Singapore and 300 people in Cava were torn apart by tigers each year. Tigers without a certain mating season bring 2-4 puppies after a pregnancy period of 98-109 days. These pups, which are very small compared to the size of their parents, are 1-1.5 kg in weight and half of the size of the fetus. Eyes are closed until two weeks old. The pups, who are looked at with great enthusiasm by the mother, are fed with milk until the meat comes to the state. The mother tiger, which does not touch her cubs, becomes scary when she touches her cubs in any way. Small tigers start to hunt their kittens in the manner they see from their mothers when they are six months old. By the age of one they become a good hunter. They are with their mothers until the age of two. In four years they get mature.

In addition to hunting wild animals such as tiger, deer, antelope, mountain goat, which are predatory animals, they also cut pets such as sheep, horses, and cows. It is reported that more than sixty sheep, horses, and cows have been shattered in Bengal tigers a year. The main food sources of tigers living in India are deer, wild pigs and peacocks. They are usually hunted in the daytime with night hunters.

As a cage tiger eats about 5-6 kg of meat a day, more meat is needed to feed the animal in the forest. 20-25 kg meat can be eaten at a time. Daily meat needs are 8-10 kilograms. The animals that come to the water from the sides of the water are ambushed, splashed, thrown on their front claws and killed by throat and bite from the neck. In a leap, it can overcome 6-meter obstacles. When they can not find herbivorous hunting, they also eat crocodiles, frogs and lizards. All the tigers eat carcasses.

Together with the difficulty of getting used to people, they are domesticated and used in circus performances. He gets a shattering character when he gets scared.

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