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Overexcitation in Dogs: Training Seminar Recap

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Last Updated: June 3, 2015

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Adopt & amp; amp; Store Culver City held a free seminar last week on the subject of over-excitation in dogs. Here’s what we learned from Chelsea, our coach:


If you have an output of energy your dog

an overexcited dog, is the most important thing to do, find the best outlet for their energy. This could come together, trick training, structured walks – – everything your dog really enjoys. By looking for their exit, you will empty their energy in a positive way, resulting in less stress elsewhere. Next, begin to break what gets excited your dog.

Break down what your dog gets excited

If your dog on a leash excited, put the leash on your home if you do not walk. Let your dog drag the leash around the house often. This will take the stress off the leash. Then work excitement at the door when you leave for the walk. Make ‘sit’ and ‘wait’ while the door is opened. By doing “sit” and “wait” You go through the door less exciting, because your dog focus on you, instead of outside on forever. Break everything in step-by-step. If your dog is excited outside, chances are, they are always excited before you even make it out the door. Start at the first, smallest trigger and then work your way.

Give your dog a positive focus

Another great way to reduce over-excitation by your dog a positive focus. Work on eye contact with your dog by a “look at me” command. Start inside with very little distractions and work your way out with more distractions then. Once your dog can do, “look at me” while sitting outside, start, to ask for it while you’re walking. Keep your dog with calm, will contribute positive focus to the excitement they experience from all the amazing things that are outside on the road.

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Overexcitation in Dogs: Training Seminar Recap




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