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Last Updated: April 11, 2015

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Here’s an opportunity for you to share the story of your feline friends. is starting a Viewer’s Story section that will allow you to share the story of your cats or kittens. The below story is an example of the format in which we would be happy to share your story. This story is fairly short but if your story takes a little more space that’s fine. Just use our contact page to share your story and we’ll let you know how to share up to two pictures of your pet.

Animal’s Name and Type

Sam is a small black female cat of indeterminate breed.

What is the animal’s story?

We adopted Sam after finding out that a friend’s brother needed to find new homes for all his pets. Sam came to us scrawny and undernourished, a year old but not yet spayed, infested with ear mites, and terrified of people and other cats. When I picked up a broom to sweep the hallway, she fled. It was clear she’d been neglected and mistreated. She was also probably the runt of her litter and might have suffered some brain damage; she’s really slow to learn, and sometimes quite clumsy. Fortunately our other cat was very patient with her and taught her how to mew, knead, chase toys, and do other cat-like things.

What is this animal’s life like now?

Sam is now plump and happy! She’s not a lap cat and still gets nervous when someone picks her up, but she likes being around people, occasionally cuddles up to us, socializes well with visitors, and will even let our other cat groom her sometimes. I think she knows she’s finally safe and well-loved.

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New Viewer’s Stories Section.




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