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Last Updated: October 25, 2015

Cat What is a vasectomy?
Neutering, the cats by veterinarians bulunularak surgery is to improve the reproductive organs of their reproductive sense. The female cat to be neutered, ovaries, uterine tubes and the uterus is removed by surgery. If the male cat is concluded with castration or sterilization or complete removal of the testicles.

Cats spayed Beneficial M for health?
Cats neutered, breast cancer while reducing their chance of developing ovarian and eliminates the possibility of uterine cancer. In addition, testicular cancer in male cats reduces the probability of occurrence. Non-castrated male cats can instinctively wandering in the period they call themselves spouses if they can mate and other infectious diseases and parasite injured cat is likely to be able to fight with the disease or container. These reasons are healthy for them because they neutered.

Why should my cat Neuter?
Spay your cat, the health of the cat overpopulation and abandonment addition to many benefits in terms of your chances of living on the streets to contribute to eliminating the problem. Even your male cat is not vicious, their passes in front of the house to escape and also to contribute to the birth of the new baby. Every year, thousands of stray cats, a slot in the streets or in shelters because they can not find that the struggle to embrace them live in very bad conditions, please note.


Emerging neutering cats is not Misbehaviors What?
Cats are done marking squirt of urine during certain periods, and those who do are usually castrated male cat. Besides, both male and female cats may run away with the mating motive. In addition to these cases, female cats meow cat by men in their anger they try to draw period.

When the cat should be sterilized?
Cats must have completed the eight-week period necessarily to spay kittens. This period should generally be considered in cases where the sterilization should be done immediately as shelters. The basic period relating to the sterilization of cats 5 months. Cats start looking wife by spraying urine when they are five months old. To avoid this situation, and to eliminate a vasectomy is recommended to be planned according to this period. Anger is possible to spay female cats entered the period, but due to the high risk of blood loss in periods of anger is not recommended at any time. The mature cats sterilization operations can safely. All of this information is the right decision in the light surely will give your veterinarian.

After being male or female sterilization of cats and what time they castrated Process Affect Me?
Neutering your cat after calming down and are likely to exhibit behavioral changes in some, but not change the personality of your cat. As mentioned in the legend, a cat neutered cats become overweight because they are lazy, they do not come. Cause of weight gain, they require fewer calories. Therefore, the lower calorie neutered after surgery for weight control cat food should be preferred.

How should I prepare my cat neutering surgery?
Your cat will be operated veterinary clinic, will surely give you advice on what to do before surgery procedures. Generally, after midnight prior to surgery to avoid giving any food to your cat. But when the kitten’s nutritional needs are different, you may need the advice of your veterinarian.

Healing Process After neutering of cats must be?
Although the possibility of your cat experience some discomfort after a vasectomy it must be suffering. Depending on the procedure having been sent home by giving the drug for pain control. Here are some tips for safe and comfortable like an improvement on the list:

Other animals away from your cat to be more peaceful, and quiet create a closed space, if necessary.
Postoperative’s endeavor to prevent your cat to jump and run.
You should distract your dog to prevent licking of the surgery and the surgery should use scratched or yoke.
For dust may cause infection in the toilet bowl, and give importance to use anti-bacterial toilet cat litter.
Avoid to wash your cat at least 10 days after surgery.
Check each day of surgery to correct a healing process.

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