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Last Updated: February 27, 2016

1. The front teeth of the mice are on average about 10 centimeters each year. But these teeth are constantly being thrown away because the rats constantly nibble around them, such as wood, brick, and plastic.
2. Brown rats, also known as Norwegian fries, are much more agile and acrobatic than black rats in Asia.
3. In the mid-19th century, mouse hunters lived in England. Jack Blackdi, who works for the most famous Queen Victoria.
4. A female mouse enters the mating process 15 times a year on average. These processes are on average 6 hours a day. In each 6 hour period, a female mouse can even exchange 500 different male mice.
5. A mouse can swim in water for three full days, and even if the toilet flushes it does not die. The more interesting mouse can go back the same way by following the same path.
6. Many species of mice prefer to live away from humans. An average of 56 percent of mouse species prefer to live away from other creatures.
7. In India, Karni Mata lives with more than 20 mice in his holy god named god. Those who visit the worship also worship these rats.
8. Martin Schein’s research revealed that sewer mice love eggs, cheese and macaroni.
9. The mice eat their own feces because the food value is high.
10. An investigation revealed that the longer the mice spent, the longer their life span.
In the 19th century, LOndra was the most popular sports mouse capture game. He was running to catch a human or a dog behind hundreds of things.
12. A mouse may fall exactly 50 yards without any injuries.
13. According to Chinese astrology, you are counted in the rats, if you were born in 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1984 and 1996.
14. The mice do not sweat. They balance the body’s heat by expanding or narrowing its blood vessels.

Mouse animal




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