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Microchip Saves dog, Sadie

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Last Updated: July 4, 2015

Written by Jennifer Rheingold

collar: $ 4.79. ID tag: $ 11.99. Pet microchip :. Priceless

During microchip your pet is truly free (although registration may be!) Not a pretty cheap and easy “procedures” which ensure your companion help, it is possible to home quickly, if at all lost. It is not only safe for your pet, but it also helps to ensure a level of identification that a collar or ID tag can not always provide. Your pet microchip will not fall, it will not break, and you will not even notice that it’s there! So in addition to cost anywhere between $ 20-50, it is truly priceless.

Maggie and Chris learned Ellicock, the true value of a microchip when her two-year-old Chocolate Lab, Sadie disappeared, not too long ago. As a loving pet parents, Chris and Maggie do everything possible to keep Sadie and her brother Jack Russell Terrier, Pistol happy dogs. They are well trained, properly nourished, and worshiped beyond belief. But how many animal lovers know, dogs are curious creatures and Sadie is no exception.

Sadie 21 Microchip Saves dog, Sadie

This photo was kindly Approval of Chris and Maggie Ellicock

Both as they always do Chris and Maggie left for work on Thursday morning. Somehow, somehow, when they were out of the house, Sadie decided to leave the house, too. Only Chris later in the afternoon that he and his wife learned of Sadie flight, checked his voice mail. Maggie was shocked: “We did not even know she was missing until Chris got the call someone from the shelter called and left a message..”

It turns out that after Sadie had come out of the house, Animal Control found them and brought them to the nearest shelter. She was not wearing a collar, so that the staff will be scanned for a microchip. That’s where the magic happens: the scanner found Sadies chip which registers them entered their chip number in a search tool and found their family information on the website found animals. You immediately call to Chris and alerted him that Sadie was safe and found the shelter.

“I am pleased that each contact immediately with us, and I am glad that we have been notified. For their flight and lost, it worked well.”

Even if it worked, Maggie is still, as her maid escaped a loss. “We’re still trying to figure out how she got out. There are no holes, no broken fences or gates open.” Sometimes, Pets easy out. It’s part of being a pet owner.

“This shows we have not put the collar on her, and she got out. If we do not have a microchip, who knows if we got it back.”

Sadie 1 Microchip Saves dog, Sadie

Photo courtesy of Chris and Maggie Ellicock

While collars and tags are great ways to uniquely identify your pet, they do not always stay. It is also common to forget, she sat in the first place. In this case, a microchip will was the only thing to guarantee about Sadie homecoming, and we know they can help ensure that your pet will be returned if lost, too!

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Microchip Saves dog, Sadie




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