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Microchip Friday: What to do if you lose a pet

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Last Updated: April 13, 2015

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Step 1: Planning Ahead

  • Please Spay and Neuter Your Pets but neutering your pet to roam reduced their urge and eliminates the chance of an accidental litter
  • Visible ID at all times. collar and ID tags with 2 up-to-date telephone numbers (including area code) is the main way that lost pets at home. It is also a good idea to get a license and rabies tag, if your dog will attach picked up by Animal Control. You can sew matching collars with your pet’s name and your phone number on it. If your dog has a knack for ditching tags or if they shy and can a person grabbed her day with a bite respond, an embroidered collar may be a better choice.

shepherd id tag Microchip Friday: What to do if you lose a pet

Under her pretty pink bandana Junos got their tags to

  • Microchip your Pet and update your contact information in a registry Animal Shelters report that microchip dogs are 2.4 times more likely reunited with their families, and a microchip cats combines 21.4 times more likely to be back! It is a quick and inexpensive method, and you can check with your vet if your pet is already microchipped, if you are not sure. Microchips not function as a tracking device, so you must microchip number, so it can be traced back to you if your pet found and register scanned from a vet. Last modified cell phone provider? New work number? New Apartment? Your ex is still included as an alternate contact? Help us to reunite you with your pet by making sure everything is currently trading registered anywhere that the microchip. The animals found registry is 100% free and anyone can be registered brand of microchip. You can add all your pets under an account, upload photos and add special information about health and temperament as well as all medications can take your pet.
  • Take Many Pictures: Take good, clear images, allowing you to current photos if they share lost
  • Your Space Survey :. Make sure closed doors and window screens are in good condition. If you have a gardener or live with a lot of people, tape up reminders such as “close window before it,” or “. Sluice gate behind you” Does your pet love to dig? They are excellent jumpers? They know their hidden talents. Check regularly that all escape routes

Level 2 :. If you already First Your Pet is Missing

  • Make sure your contact information on your Microchip Registry Account: You can reset your password, if you forgot it, so long as you remember that e-mail that you originally registered with. Verify that everything is correct in your profile if your pet will sooner or later picked up. If an animal found notification already started going out your old phone number while you’re looking, our enrollment is the rest of the alarms automatically during these four days to get your updated contact information
  • To friends and followers on social media: you help us, and soon must. See if someone says it so that you can look available. If you all want to be formal about it, you create a Facebook event to seek proximity to come. Do they retweet all the latest photos you have. You know how this part works
  • Start Searching :. If the whole family is available, have someone at home to answer the landline when you put that. On the label Also a good idea if your pet suddenly shows back home in the 20th minute and must be in before they go back into operation, to be drained. Have the fortress holder start calling neighbors personally. If you are looking to bring a lot of bait. Treats, yes; but they also have a favorite squeaky toy

Step 3: expanding your search

  • File Password Pet Report your local animal shelter, humane society, SPCA, rescue league, etc. should have to fill out an online form for a lost pet ad on their website to publish
  • Create and upload Flyers: LOST cat / dog. PERRO / GATO PERDITO. Something standard, large font, clear picture of your pet, including contact information. Put them on any and all public forums and telephone poles. Try to get the permission for shop windows or other private property where you think to see your flyer. It is recommended that you do not specify the amount of the reward. And no, you will not have money do not connect wiring some suspicious caller. If you live in a multilingual environment, you should be your poster multilingual. Do not speak Armenian or Korean? Translate online – even a broken translation is better than nothing
  • Lost Cat Flyer flier example Microchip Friday: What to do if you lose a pet

    • Post Elsewhere Online: Craigslist. The Center for Lost pets. Pet Amber Alert. There are too many regional locations to forget, at least here in LA Give them a chance; hopefully your community will engage
    • Check all nearby shelters :. a circuit every day or two; You will not see new recording in person. Bring more posters at the first visit. Not to be insensitive, but also check the list of deceased pets
    • Post an ad-lost pet in paper :. still read the newspaper Sure people – not everyone is online. It could not hurt! Check the ads found, too.

    Do not give up! If your pet is microchipped, your contact information is current and all a coyote attack or a car is hit, Animal Control would probably have you now set by the microchip registry to warn. No messages even better than that! Stay busy. If you are missing your pet while you are reading this, we wish you good luck in your search.

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    Microchip Friday: What to do if you lose a pet




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