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Microchip Friday: 5 Things You Did not Know about Outdoor Pet ID

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Last Updated: April 15, 2015

Pet ID tags seem pretty simple, right? Make a collar on your pet, and it’s a great way to lose your pet returned home safely as soon as possible

Now, here’s the catch :. you actually have to put the day your pet. Believe it or not, in a study by the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) done, filed a veterinary clinic of the day off for their customers; if the clinic followed them 6-8 weeks later, they found that some of them are not not put the tag on your pet (and not always plan)! In fact, while 80 percent of pet owners say it is important for pets to wear ID tags that have only 33 percent always ID tags on their pets.

Dr. Emily Weiss article entitled “Frequency of Lost Dogs and Cats in the United States and the methods by which they are” also a case study of lost pets, which found that only 67 of 110 lost dog ID tags carry, and 15 dogs (of the 101 that were restored) were identified by their tags. Worse, only 18 of 74 lost cats wore tags and 1 cat (from the 55 that were restored) was found by his day.

lost dog Microchip Friday: 5 Things You Did not Know about Outdoor Pet ID

This dog escaped through an unlocked fence near our office, while their owners were at work. We were able to her leash, read her ID tag and call her owner, who arrived in panic and very grateful. We were able to safely reunite them with their owners in less than an hour thanks to an ID tag. If she was not wearing a day, it is possible their owners may have never seen again

These types of statistics make you wonder :. Would caress reunification numbers to improve as more dogs and cats wearing ID tags at all times? (Note :. The answer is yes) Since an ID tag is visible to the finder, it is the animal’s first line of defense, and is usually the fastest way to the animal makes it back home. Simply put, it would be a valuable approach for merging more lost pets with their owners. But beyond even these obvious reasons, you can access the different things that can ID a-day (and it can not!) To reach his surprise. Get ready for some new facts about ID tags, starting with number 1 …

1 Do you think your pet is not an ID need a day? Think again. If you are a responsible pet owner, your pet is comfortable in the city you live in licensed and carries a small silver plate number on his / her collar. Well done! But wait – that means your pet still has its own ID tag? Yes! Even if your dog is already bearing a license tag, you still need an ID tag, the name of your pet at least lists and phone number. Trust the ID tag your pet to be our home faster than the number plate

And if you own a cat. – This is for you. Not think many cat owners, they need a day when their cat is “only indoors” and we say “not walk around much.” You never know could happen, so put a tag on your cat may be the best decision. They make

If Im outside Im lost cat tags Microchip Friday: 5 Things You Did not Know about Outdoor Pet ID

These tags are a great idea if you have a single indoor cat.

2 There may be certain things you do not want to be on your pet tag. Anyone can see the ID tag of your pet, so it’s probably not a good idea to your door on it (or anything that you would consider “private data”), for if they fall into the wrong hands , Even more surprising, you may not want to put your pet microchip number on the day. Why? While it is helpful if someone wants to go back to your pet found, it also makes for someone to steal your pet and register the microchip number in her name just want. Remember, every every brand of microchips in a US registry register and unfortunately are US register not necessary to share information. So, even if your pet microchip registered in a registry, it is still possible for everyone the same number in any other registers that are out there because register.

3 There are several things that day not to do your pet. example, is not the ID tag of your pet cat or dog GPS. You can not “seek” your pet through the day. It is also not a QR code. Unless the tag contains a bar code of some sort, you can not scan to pull owner information upwards. Finally, it is not a form of permanent ID, such as a microchip. Tags can fall off and be easily removed. A microchip registered is the best backup if this is the case, as it permanently embedded in the skin and your pet will associate your contact information when searching in a database.

4. tags can be made of any material. Metal? Psh, that’s water under the bridge . There are so many different types of tags today, including rubber ones (if you want to something a little quieter), those of a reflective material and also such that light (just for fun) (the animal to make more visible at night). You can also buy a bell to attach ID tag or your pet’s collar so that it strums and makes their situation better in the house or in the neighborhood set.

5. External pet passport is not limited only to labels. There are many ways to identify a pet, and an ID tag is just one of them. You can also create a custom collar (or canvas) on your pet, with his / her name on it. There are special vests, which are specially designed for guide dogs and dogs in training. Or, if your dog is sensitive and need space in public, you can simply tie a yellow ribbon around his / her neck, collar or leash, and for those who have heard of the Yellow Ribbon campaign, they will know you give Your. Pet much more respectful space when passing through

gulahund poster englishP 723x1024 Microchip Friday: 5 Things You Did not Know about Outdoor Pet ID

What is your favorite form of external pet ID? Any other ideas that do not appear in the list? Leave a comment in the comments below.

Microchip Friday: 5 Things You Did not Know about Outdoor Pet ID




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