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Kitten Foster Friday: Coley history

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Last Updated: June 11, 2015

I had a very fast-paced career. I worked in film, theater taught art in a residency program, and I was a published author and the author of several other projects.

All this came to an abrupt halt when I diagnosed with a degenerative nerve disease. In and out of the hospital dozens of times, I found myself with too much time on my hands.

When I tied at home for a long time, I have often said that my husband Rick, I wish it was a business that you would bring a basket of kittens that you love and play with up heart’s desire was and then you could send it back. Of course, we could not keep, because we have four cats; two adopted rescued from a shelter, and two of my sister’s barn. But the very idea that babies seemed the best medicine that I could think of.

tuxedo kitty1 Kitten Foster Friday: Coley history

The face is the best medicine!

During this time, my sister was a feral kitten in her stall. She brought me this tiny baby because I feed the bottle experience. I bottle this little kitten fed every two hours for two weeks and he made it. Because he loved to disappear, we called him The Great Houdini or Clear Harry to his human family. I was able to place him with a big cat-loving family. Well, I really thought about exploring the possibility of promotion. Very green in this area I called the local animal shelter, ask about their care program. They said I would have would be a nursing class that are no longer offered for six weeks last, then I could join their program. Well, you do not have to be Einstein to figure out that dozens of kittens not do during this time. It made me sick to my stomach, and I tried to argue. I thought my background would change their minds. After all, I had bottle fed several of my own cats and had a cat owner for over 20 years. No, they would not let me. I was inconsolable.

It was a year after I encouraged Harry, when I noticed a Facebook posting on the promotion by the Foster Kitten project with Found Animals. I sent an email and wait for an answer. Maybe they would want me. I got an answer and fill out the form – I was so happy! Within just a few weeks, we launched our first two babies at home. It was love at first Meow! We prepared my home office as our “kitten spa” complete with cozy blankets, fuzzy blanket with a heating pad, a big snuggly lamb that could be heated, toys, scratching posts and all the love and affection that possibly worked by humans could be given!

foster kitten cuddle Kitten Foster Friday: Coley history

The mutual love and affection!

Thanks to my health, I am able to close to three hours with my baby in residence to spend a day. In fact, I often nap in the red chair in the office and have always babies nap with me. Living with a chronic pain disorder has a toll on me. However, I have found that when we talk about “baby on board”, I actually need less pain medication. And the joy that they would give me “joy meter” to be completely out of when you actually exist. I’m not the lonely kitty caretaker. It’s a real family affair. My husband and son Rick Grayson are always being lovingly at the baby.

The four babies, we mark our 12th now little promoted. They all have unique little character. We have loved them all. When people discover that we have a kitten promote the family, it is quite often that we hear, “I could never foster kittens, because I have not been able to give them back. That’s just too hard.”

“32” 4 kittens Kitten Foster Friday: Coley history

Give it back not so difficult, because I know that they are going to have large families.

Well, I take my care duties very seriously. I love this baby as me, because when I are much more likely to respond to potential users. If there is time for our children to go back to find their homes forever a few tears shed when we say goodbye kiss. But knowing their time eventually they could live with us, stay out of a cage, learn, people to seek love, trust and affection … a few tears shed to pay a very small price to pay to give these fragile babies the best chance at a great life.

It’s all so worth it, and they really could than words ever describe to give back to us so much more.

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Kitten Foster Friday: Coley history




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