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January is Train Your Dog Month

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Last Updated: April 14, 2015

It’s January and you know what that means! It’s time to break your bad habits, but what about your dog? Here in the Found Animals Foundation, it’s time for our puppies, their bad habits and breaking. In honor of National train your dog month, we answer some of the questions most frequently by our Adopt & amp; Announcements will be asked; , Shop Culver City coach, Chelsea

Leash1 January is Train Your Dog Month

1. My dog ​​loves walking so much about it can be excited and uncontrollable – What should I do

To begin, make sure every time you put the leash experience is calm and structured ?. Instruct your dog to sit while they quietly hooking on a leash. Once outside, ask for some eye contact with a “look at me” command and some Nootie No Grainer treats. Maintaining a positive orientation is the cheapest task, you can take an excited dog questions to complete.

If you have trouble regaining focus of your dog, use a tool such as a Halti Headcollar

Forget: Practice makes perfect and consistency pays off

Jump January is Train Your Dog Month

2. My dog ​​jumps on everyone – even my in-laws is beyond embarrassing. .. to ignore

The best thing you can do is to ignore the bad behavior and reward good if your dog jumps, cross your arms and look away complete your puppy: no eye contact, physical contact or verbal commands. I know this can be difficult – you excited to get your dog can be seen – but it is a must

If you give your dog attention to the fact that all four paws on the floor to do. , If paw tracks, your dog completely ignore again

come January is Train Your Dog Month

3. Sometimes I really think my dog ​​is easy to ignore me when I call to him – how can I every time it is called, get him

I know it’s hard to hear, but you are not the most exciting thing out there! Your dog wants to smell all the smells best, look at all the sights and hear the best sound. You have more exciting than all that! Have the best treats can make strange noises, jumping up and down … everything to get the attention of your dog. If your dog with you, ask for a sit and then reward you with something spectacular. We recommend a good karma Jax & amp; amp; Bones rope toy or a Nootie No Grainer Soft Dog Training Treat both Adopt & amp; amp; Shop locations.

Stay January is Train Your Dog Month

4. Sometimes only really need me my dog ​​to” stay “- which can I do

Start by teaching your dog to hold a position – for a longer than usual – standing, sitting or timespan below. Get your dog into the desired position and start rewarding with Nootie No Grainers about every five seconds because they hold this position. Move a few steps, and if your puppy, give a gift. Again, I repeat, is patience a virtue. Always work on your dog’s pace, but slowly or quickly, that can be

Thanks Chelsea – We Found Animals Foundation was on all the helpful – we hope to have you

Not sure whether to train your puppy on your own? If you are in the Los Angeles area, you can take classes with Chelsea

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January is Train Your Dog Month




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