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If the monkeys learn to use money ..!

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Last Updated: June 9, 2015

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capuchin maymunu If the monkeys learn to use money ..! Research Yale University beginning in the monkey lab. 7 capuchin monkeys, they learn to use money and in a very small cage, try one of the main cage. Silver colored nuts are used as money. The process is simple: a monkey taken from the home cage, the cage is put to the test. These monkeys are given a silver colored nut. Monkey

The first nut sniffing, puts in his mouth.
This stage, brought a variety of food in the tray: a Photo Apples, grapes and Jell-O.

The aim is love of each monkey find the kind of food and enable them to use the money to get the food.
experiment chooses monkey apple in the cage.

Researchers are giving it the apples take the money in hand before making apple monkey.

After the process takes weeks and weeks monkeys, nuts in their hands so they begin to discover the power of money.

Monkeys use of the money; Researchers then learned in the most preferred food, is starting a new process:


The purpose of the new process, and see not give give rational decisions, people like monkeys.
so researchers, many monkeys prefer the gel-it’s the price doubles, they make the price of the apple half nuts and grapes the price of one nut.

The result is interesting:

The monkeys are starting to spend so most food will get their money.

1 loaf give 2 apples take; 1 Jell-O they prefer to take the second loaf.

In the following days, the monkeys received the cage, try the main cage, turning suddenly crazy to see 12 nut on a tray.

where the money he dumped the tray main cage also plunge to the main cage.

The sky’s the monkey on the money oil that saw the main cage, they start to scramble the nuts.

The first in the history of the monkeys to the event record “ bank robbery “and” prison breakout “is past.

All of this chaos, the researchers are trying to get money back from the monkey in the main cage.

the dust a little lying down man One of the monkeys, approached one of the female monkeys gives one nut in her hands.

They come in female monkeys and female monkeys relations in return.

The interesting thing is, these two monkeys work after the female monkey , bringing the benefit of researchers has received from men trying to pick grapes with it.

The first of these events recording the monkeys on “ prostitution ” is past.

The research ethics section University , the monetary research on monkeys, apes living conditions, values ​​and everyday life which completely change and is damaged grounds, cancel research to be paid to the monkey bans .

You Number of transmitting this text Taner Vidinligil .

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