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Help! My Pet Microchip is already taken: How to Microchip Registration Update

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Last Updated: April 17, 2015

Whether you buy adopted from a shelter or rescue group, bought from a breeder or a family member or friend, chances are that your pet is already a microchip. And since you it attention when reading “5 things you do not yet have microchips”, you already know that a microchip must be in a database so that it registers will work to actually.

So, how do you register a microchip? And more importantly, what should you do if your pet microchip already registered with the former owner? We have the answers to all these questions and got more:

Question: “How do I know if my pet microchip already registered”

A: It is a great tool for pet owners and shelters, find out if / when a pet microchip is registered. It is tool AAHA Universal Pet Microchip Lookup. This site was created by the American Animal Hospital Association, and while it’s not an actual registry, it searches all participating Registry to provide information. Just enter the animal’s microchip number into the search box and click the tool is then distributed to all participating databases look “Send”. (Ie: Found Animals, AKC and Home Again, PetLink, among others) to find out if and where the chip was registered. If the chip is detected, the tool the website of the register and the telephone number and the date of the chip is registered or disposal has been updated to provide. Where no information is online, the site will point you in the direction of the original manufacturer of the chip; You can “How to update Microchip Registration” old call directly for more information =.

AAHA1 Help! My Pet Microchip is already taken: How to Microchip Registration Update

Question:” If my pet microchip is not yet registered, what should i do? ”

A: You can register your pet’s microchip found free in the registry animals, regardless of the brand of the chip. Simply click on “Get Started Now”, a free pet owner / Rescue create a group account and enter your contact information and the beast. You can also upload a picture of your pet!

Already Registered v2 Help! My Pet Microchip is already taken: How to Microchip Registration Update

Question: “I tried to register the microchip Found Animals, and it says it is already registered How can I update the information.”

A: It is possible that the animal had one previous owner and the microchip still registered to that person. If the animal to the shelter, rescue group or person you got the beast registered, log into your account and transfer the pet directly to you for free. If you need or have forgotten how to access your account further assistance, you can contact us at

If you do not know who the previous owner, you can directly send us your pet adoption records, approval documents, vet records or other evidence of ownership, including the microchip number and Found Animals will start to get registered at this pet right in your name request. You can send the records to or by fax to 1-866-738-2182

Q :. “I have no papers, which of my pet microchip number on it How can I re-register microchip Found Animals.”

A: Another way found in animals would be able to transfer this pet is to you without valid identification microchip, when you send a Found Pet Alert for the animal that deposited the owner will contact with us. To start a Found Pet Alert and try the registered owner on file reach the animals found registry and enter the microchip number under “Found A Lost Pet? Want Microchip” on the right side of the page. If the person to whom this pet has not currently registered with this animal or not to respond within 7 days, we would be able to microchip registry directly to your bank account transfer

Q :. “What happens if my pet came from a rescue group, can we both under registration be?”

A: The Found Animals Microchip Registry provides a unique “? Permanent Rescue Contact “feature, which remain the rescue group allowed firmly to the animal are connected, regardless of who you choose as your emergency contact. The fact that you (the user) to the primary contact area and select your own emergency contact, this is an extra layer of protection for the animal. In the event the animal is lost and found by a shelter, rescue group and you will be notified at the same time both via phone and email.

mchip cascade Help! My Pet Microchip is already taken: How to Microchip Registration Update

Q:” I am the only owner of this pet ever had How microchip my pet already registered “

A. Some microchips registers as Found Animals receive automatic uploads from animal shelters, animals be registered if they are accepted from, for maximum protection. It is possible that your pet is to you automatically registered at the time of adoption, and for some reason the welcome email has not been received, and went to the e-mail spam filter. For help signing in to access your information in the registry found animals Microchip, email us at . Other times, shelters and rescue groups are the chip to register themselves. In this case, they would be able to transfer your pet microchip directly to you

. Q: “What if my pet microchip is registered in more than one database”

A: You can actually register any kind of chip with each registration – the more the better! Like other large micro-chip registers, Found Animals accepts all kinds of chips (including AVID, Home Again, AKC, etc.). Remember to update all applications, if you ever move your contact information. As long as all applications will be kept up to date, there is no harm in the registry in several registers

. Q: “If I register AVID microchip my pet Found Animals, I need you to register it with AVID If my pet is lost, what will the animal shelter to know Found Animals and do not call Avid?”

A: If your pet from a shelter found and verified, the first thing they should do is look at the chip on AAHA Universal Pet Microchip Lookup Tool. This will tell you exactly where the chip registers (or at least that is produced the chip), and the best way is to find microchips applications. All microchips registers have access to this tool, but there is no guarantee that the registry will be used when the chip is not registered with the company. For example, if your pet microchip is an AVID chip, the shelter can AVID directly, without looking up to see where the chip call registered, and can probably miss all the other applications. Avid has the ability to check for other applications online, but not necessarily do.

Here are registers in the United States are not obliged to talk to each other and exchange information. One day we hope that a free, centralized database for all US have pets, but that’s not the case. Since there is no singular national database in the United States, select some owners register their pets in several registers as an additional safety net. To give pets the best chance of it at home, you can choose to upgrade to the original microchip suppliers in addition to the free Microchip Found Animals registry when the animal lost at all. This is perfectly fine! The animals found Microchip Registry is a free community service, and will never register a charge for pets or update your information.

Do you have another burning question to your pet microchip? Talk to us. to mail and we will be happy to assist you with answering

Do not forget to microchip your pet found in the registry Animals register for free!

Help! My Pet Microchip is already taken: How to Microchip Registration Update




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