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Last Updated: November 23, 2014

Interesting Facts About Horses

The fastest race horse recorded so far has reached 88 kilometers per hour. The average speed of horses galloping is 44 kilometers per hour.
The size of the world’s smallest horse is only 43 centimeters.
Horses can sleep in the stands.
The Roman Emperor Gaius Caligula has made his favorite horse a senator.
A horse can produce 14.9 horsepower.
There are 4 different blood groups in humans, but this number is 8 at least.
The average life span of domesticated horses is 25 years.
The horse skeleton has 205 bones.

The horses are about BC They were domesticated in 4000 BC.
Among all the animals living on the land, the animal with the largest eye drop.
The horses have a 360 degree view except two blind spots. These blind spots are front and back.
Horses have improved smell and hearing abilities compared to humans.
Horses are used as a therapy in the treatment of many different diseases. Horses also help people with problems of trust, respect, compassion, communication and self-confidence.
The cut horse head used in the movie “The Godfather” is real.
There are over 160 different types of horses. Arab horses are considered the purest race.
Horses can not vomit.
What You Do not Know About Horses
Photo: Coen Dijkman / flickr
To understand a horse’s age, teeth are the best show.
Many animals, including horses in the Middle Ages, were found guilty of various crimes in Europe.
Today, the average speed of traffic at the high end of big cities is lower than the speed of cars horses that have been horses centuries ago.
The jockey who died of a heart attack during a horse race in 1923 was the only jockey to have won the race after he was killed.
At the beginning of the 20th century, horses left so much dirt on the streets that automobiles were seen as an eco-friendly alternative.
Horses can sense different emotions in human voice.
The number of tanks in today’s British army is less than the number of horses.
In the UK, every horse, pony and ass must have a “horse passport”.
In the 18th century there were no horses in Australia as the new settlers had landed with them.

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