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Extending through the Microchip Maze | 4 golden rules

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Last Updated: April 12, 2015

The pulses in the Magazine | November 2014

Written by Deva content and Executive Director, Aimee Gilbreath

Screen Shot 2015 01 13 at 12.38.08 PM 300x1811 Extending through the Microchip Maze | 4 golden rules

Guiding your practice to Microchip Mastery

Despite the myriad issues plaguing America’s microchip industry today microchips still the most reliable form of permanent identification for pets. Mass movement in the direction of the ISO standard and the consciousness of the universal scanner and scratch the number of animals that slip with a microchip through the cracks in the system. Like animals professionals, we have a duty to our customers not only to educate on the microchip registration, but also the implementation and maintenance procedures, and their families to unite the animals again:

1. Buy It represents only the ISO standard microchips

Each supplier 134.2 kHz (15 digits) microchips; if you still get something, ask for a free upgrade to the universal standard microchip frequency. Your customers will thank you when they travel abroad with their pets, and your bottom line will thank you later when scanners become more affordable.

2. Only universal scanners that read all three microchip frequencies

Until it is assumed a universal standard, each scanner that does not read all three frequencies (125 kHz, 128 kHz, 134.2Hz) miss microchips. Contact Found animals to test the scanner, or ask the manufacturer who reads frequencies.

3. Demand that your provider is participating with – and make it the first place you look for the login information

Universal microchip lookup tool that saves lives The AAHA Pets “and is available for all register in order to participate.

4. Register all microchipped pets in your practice

scan and register each pet. Visit for a free registration option or customers to complete any paid applications before they leave.

These four golden rules can help you reach your practice microchip mastermind status and improving return-to-owner rates in your community

Click here for the full article from Pulse Magazine November 2014 issue read: .. along with the Microchip Maze

Extending through the Microchip Maze | 4 golden rules




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