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Dog Microchip, the real superhero!

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Last Updated: August 1, 2015

As children, we all dream of, the superpowers – the, the next Superman or Wonder Woman. But as we grow, we begin to introduce more realistic goals for ourselves. Animal lover Ann Burkhardt but raised his hero into a real life. Ann leads a busy life in Downey, California, but that does not make the life saving countless animals to stop every day! Just last week she brought home a lost dog named Twinkie, and helped these loving puppies find their way back home! Ann not Twinkie alone back, though – she writes microchip the dog as the real superhero history …

Twinkie 279x300 Dog Microchip, the real superhero!

Photo courtesy of Ann Burkhardt.

It was 11.00 clock on Friday when a collarless dog was found in the flower bed to Ann’s husband store. Between Ann at home (with a large garbage dump near) and her husband in his business in Compton, you have dozens of animals is letting go and experiencing abandoned. It is the terrible reality that they live in happiness, Ann and her husband not only watch -. They have saved countless animals and promoted it well again. So if Twinkie was discovered by a colleague who had man Ann food and water brought to the fear dog.

When Ann heard the news that a lost dog was found in the shop, she pleaded with her husband to bring the poor puppy home. He was not hard to convince and, taken at 5:30 clock Twinkie the journey over the house of Ann.

The Burkhardt had 4 other dogs and 2 cats (all rescues), so they decided to let Twinkie have the backyard to herself as she adjusted to her new surroundings. While they initially seemed nervous and anxious as soon as they reach out to the backyard, and they roll back some confidence! After downing more food and water, Twinkie pulled a pad of a patio chair and immediately fell asleep on her new bed.

Since Twinkie had no visible form of identification, Ann brought them get to their 24-hour veterinarian’s office for a microchip scanned There was good and bad news: Twinkie had a microchip, but it was not registered to anyone. They knew that it was a Spay4LA chip, but that’s as much as they could find. It was 10.00 clock, and they did not seem to find a way to her real home. The vet assistant gave Ann a list of numbers and websites for registration to verify Twinkie, and the two went back to the Twinkie is temporary home.

The dedicated dog lovers spent the night looking for the various sites for microchip registration Twinkie listed. At 7 clock on Saturday, they analyzed the animals found Registry, and finally received the good news she had hoped: Twinkie was registered with Found Animals and Found Pet Alert has been sent! Well, could do all Ann and her family was waiting.

By 4 clock in the afternoon, Ann received a call from Twinkie the caregiver, Lucy and her mother. It turns out that Twinkie had been missing for the past 8 days, and was now 9 miles from home! According to Ann, “Lucy told me that she was so sick with worry, she did not eat for 2 days straight and ended up in hospital!” Twinkie family was so worried that she prayed every day for her return and published numerous “lost dog” posts about social media.

It was 6.00 clock on Saturday night, when Twinkie parents finally came to the house Ann. “It was the happiest dog rescue I have ever had,” said Ann remembers. “Lucy and her mother would not stop thanking me -. They were excited” Twinkie could not have been happier, either. Held the young dog bouncing everywhere, licking their owners, and jumping for joy! Says Ann: “Your personality really came as soon as your people came back” off

Thanks to Ann and the rest of the Burkhardt family was Twinkie with her family after a long journey reunited from home , Ann has for so many missing animals cared, she was overjoyed, finally a happy reunion. But she could not have done it alone! “The microchip is wonderful … it is definitely worth it,” she reveals. More than just the support of microchips, Ann has another tip: “REGISTER YOUR PET microchip” “Think of how many happy reunions, it could be if these microchips are the right (She asked to uppercase this be!) way registered. ”

To see the recorded merging Twinkie with her people, click here

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And to your cat or dog to register microchip, sign up for free at the Registry found animals. It’s fast, easy and can be the superhero that your pet comes home safely, if they are ever lost his!

Dog Microchip, the real superhero!




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