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Cheetah speed

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Last Updated: February 6, 2016


Cheetah speed

Among the big cats dark eyes (brown) and day to search for the cat only hunted prey of the Cheetah in a tree. You will be hunting the animal, eat the animal approaches in facing direction or tilt your head to a remote. AVI still sticks to the ground while looking towards him and stops.
An animal active during the day, especially early in the morning, afternoon, and at night in the light of a full moon.
Usually only circulates.
Pups 1 year, mom is staying with.
Some men in the fields remains at 4-6 years. Coalitions are more successful.
Determines the area by spraying urine. Signs are 1-2 days old but worth considering. So, “time sharing” system.
Hunting for the purpose of making a rapid ascent.
Up to 70 km in 2 seconds/speed max, 500-600 mt is able to follow.
Going to search for tree hunting.
Most of the members of the group chooses one of feeble prey.
30 Mt approach for a successful hunt, but it is 100 meters.
30 if you aren’t aware of her AVI is successful.

Cheetah speed




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