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Last Updated: February 4, 2016

The world’s fastest land animal the Cheetah, where to live, what are fed up with brief information about cheetahs.

the Cheetah from the ground the height is 50 cm. On the link, 40 cm, including the tail length of 1.60 meters. Cheetah, the cat family is located between the canines with the animal. Live in Asia.

Claws are long, her nails embedded into his fingers, can run very fast. In a short time gets used to people so easily evcillestirili. Cheetah is reminiscent of a dog due to all these properties.

The bar is what makes it different from other cats, alone the inside of the nails gomulmeyis not have done 65-75 miles per hour running speed upcoming. This never misses prey due to hand dominance.

Cheetah pictures




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