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Last Updated: February 6, 2016

Cheetah information

The feline family is the fastest land animal that can run 112 km per hour. “Gepard” or “AV Leopardi” is called. Found in Asia, ranging from India to of Africa of Algeria. Small ears, long legs and yellowish-brown fur, black spots. Sometimes the Leopard (Leopard) is mixed. The spots on the Leopard ringed, the bar is filled. A black line also extends from under the chin right to the eyes of the Cheetah. With a tail 75 cm 210 cm tall, 50 kg weight. Hiding in the high grass, wildebeest, gazelles prey on mammals such as rabbits. Hunting attacks with a speed of 112 kilometers. After 400-500 meters, this speed begins to fall. Within this distance uncaught grasp prey can escape. Cheetah, can’t climb, and you can not take your nails into claws like a cat. Cannot be tamed, and in hunting deer and antelope is used with success. That they were to hunt in India is very curious. Bar Hunters on horseback follow.

Specific breeding season, but not every year 95-day gestation period give birth to 2-4 kittens after closed his eyes. Their eyes opens in two weeks, posts on dark spots. Cheetahs usually hunts alone, sometimes they hunt in the family community. Pelt, fur liked them because the numbers decreased considerably.

Cheetah information




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