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Last Updated: August 14, 2015

microchip chihuahua blog1 Check the Chip Day! 15. August Check the chip tag, a label cooperation by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) remind pet parents because microchip, register and keep your pet chip info up to date. Since there is so much confusion about microchips and microchip registration, we will break it easy to follow steps for you in six.

1. Scan

Make sure that your pet is already microchipped. You can do this for free at a veterinary office or animal shelter. Make sure the person scanning your pet is with a Universal Scanner (one that reads all frequencies chip), so that the chip will not be missed.

2. Research

When a chip is detected, write down the number and look at contact info for the registration of the chip to get. Do not worry – no matter which company sells the chip, you can always Sign Up for free

3 .. Microchip

When a chip is not detected, go ahead and get your pet microchipped. You can do this to your veterinary and some pet supplies retailer for a small fee. Be sure to get a copy of your pet microchip paperwork containing your pet unique microchip number. Think of this number as a Social Security number. Hold, so you can find it in a safe place again, when you need it.

4. Register

most important step: Sign up your pet microchip number as soon as possible at Registration is free for the life of your pet. Remember, your pet microchip number is very much like your Social Security number – it has to be correlated with information in a database to be useful. The database is in this case a smart register, where you can enter your contact information under your pet’s unique microchip number. In this way, if your pet is lost without external ID, it can be scanned at a veterinary clinic or animal shelter and returned as guardian for you.

5. Update

Remember, your contact information in the chip register every time you move, please update your phone number. (This is why you should your pet to keep microchip paperwork in a safe place to remember.)

6. ID

With your pet microchip only one step in keeping your Pet sure if he ever lost. The other equally important step keeps an external ID on your pet at all times. If your pet escapes your care, the first place is a Good Samaritan look like on your pet collars. Make sure your pet tag is up to date with your current phone number. Make sure when you move to upgrade it immediately. You do not even have to get fancy with this. A fabric collar with your phone number is written on it in sharpie to do in a pinch.

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