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“Champion Croc” Have you tried the adult dog food?

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Last Updated: April 12, 2015

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Champion Croc 292x300 Champion Croc Have you tried the adult dog food? Champion Croc adult dogs are specially developed nutrient formula dry dog ​​food. Balanced calcium and phosphorus content, promotes healthy teeth and bones. Digestion rate high protein content contributes to the development of a healthy body and strong musculature. Amino acids and vitamins in order to support a strong immune system. The quality oil content ensures that sufficient energy level your dog. In addition, Champion Croc’s content rich in vitamins, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids balanced healthy skin, shiny hair and strong structure, the ideal fiber structure contributes to your dog’s digestion. Croc Champion for adult dogs or your veterinarian for a recommendation also is a complete and balanced dry food do not need to add any minerals or vitamins. Put the recommended amount of food your dog food container according to the weight and always make sure that fresh drinking water for your dog. Products Keep in a cool and dry.


Moisture (maximum): 10%

Protein (at least ): 21%

Crude Oil (most az- most): 5.50 to 11%

Raw Cellulose (maximum): 4.5%

Crude Ash (maximum): 7%

Metabolic Energy 3.500kcal / kg


Cereals, meat and animal food derivatives, vegetable protein extracts, vegetable and animal oils, (allowed by the EU antioxidant-protected), vitamins and minerals.

“Champion Croc” Have you tried the adult dog food?




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