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Cat Scratching Tree

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Last Updated: October 25, 2015

Cat Scratching Trees

5 reasons to love your cat scratching tree:

* Decreases the risk of weight gain by staying active all year round your cat, and you will not have problems with the joints.

* Gives you the opportunity to move your cat scratching trees, trees, is ideal especially for cats who live indoors.

* After a long sleep is an excellent exercise and it is good for boredom.

* Your cat’s nails strong and healthy.

* It will be a personal space for your furry friend! Cats smell and they will mark their territories with scratch marks.

* Your furniture to be drawn is reduced.

Scratching trees is to select a few tips:

To consider when Choosing a tree for your cat scratching material, you Factors such as the shape and there are many special and important.

* Material: Cat scratching trees are made of natural or synthetic material. However, when you buy vertical trees, trees made from thick natural sisal material you prefer.

* Balance: ensure that the balance is strong.

* Size: can meet your request should be as long as scratching cat scratching tree.

* Quantity: if you have more than one cat in your home, the competition between them to Prevent scratching of the tree, we advise you to purchase more than one.

* Shape: choose the shape of your cat’s scratching pleasure by considering the tree, we recommend you to scratching.

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Other helpful suggestions:

* If your cat likes to scratch your furniture, surfaces citrus / menthol scents and oils that you can work using your cat to keep away.

* Attention: pay attention to the top area of ​​grass for your cat tree apply.

* The cat in the grass, Nepeta lactone (sort of mint) in more than half of the cats evokes a sense of chewing or licking.

Note: Puppies can cause an Adverse reaction in cats.

Game time: Scratching the top of the tree with a small rope, your cat to attack awakens the desire to play.

Zooplus you can browse other toys scratching.

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Cat Scratching Tree

Cat Scratching Tree




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