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indir 1 Canned Pet Mama Use compared to dogs, cats with lower urinary tract disorders are very common. Wrong eating habits until the formation of this disorder is a factor that is not consumed enough water. Because cats will produce drinking water that is how urine and the urine will do so often. In this way, urine density will decrease, as well as crystal and stone formation because it reduces the waiting time in the bladder of urine will be difficult.

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The average for dry food water ratio was around 15%, this rate is approximately 80% in canned food. In this way, your little friend in the healthiest way while her daily diet, you will increase the amount of daily water intake.

Some of your little friends may refuse to feeding only canned food. In such cases, canned and dry food mix will be the right solution to offer him. But the most important point to be considered here; is the amount of feed per day. If our little friend if we want to mix the dry food to canned food, dry food should give 1 to 85 g and 40 g of canned. Only in this way little friend us healthy and we can continue to feed in a balanced way.

As in humans exactly the other hand, the nutritional needs of cats and dogs in different life stages are different from each other. And your little friend can be a healthy and balanced diet, many more years to live a quality life where you can find him in the diet has been specially formulated to provide life stage is very important.

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