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Assessment for Mount Polysaccharide Storage space Myopathy (PSSM)

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Last Updated: January 11, 2015

Equine Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy, or PSSM , impacts many types of mounts including 1 / 4 horses, fresh paint horses, appaloosas, draft mounts and warmbloods. Horses by using PSSM can no longer properly switch carbohydrates straight into energy. Typically the un-metabolized carbs collect inside the muscles in addition to cannot be useful for muscle operate. The result is slight to extreme muscle destruction or even fatality, depending on what lengths the condition comes with progressed. PSSM is the probably cause of “Monday Morning Disease” — if horses who have taken some time from doing exercises have difficulty active once they start off exercising once more.

PSSM Signs and symptoms

Symptoms of mount PSSM include things like muscle atrophy, brown pee, stiffness, issues getting up, shaking after training, and cramps. Horses may well not show signs for years, and so testing can identify the disorder before it might be serious. The probability of recovery are excellent for mounts that take PSSM tend to be not exhibiting symptoms ~ recovery prices decline significantly once mounts have difficulties getting up.

Need for Identifying PSSM

Although PSSM cannot be healed since it may be a genetic condition, muscle operate can be renewed with a difference in diet and exercise workout. Eliminating carbs such as embryon and lovely feed from your horse’s as well as adding excess fat seems to better the condition. Nevertheless , the condition can lead to fatality if it isn’t really identified early on enough to help make the necessary nutritional and training changes, so it will be vital to recognize the presence of PSSM as early as possible. In addition , identifying mounts carrying typically the PSSM allele can assist by using breeding pen horses totally free of PSSM.

Animal Genes can analyze for the occurrence of PSSM alleles applying DNA content from the beginnings of equine tail in addition to mane fur. To learn more about gathering DNA selections, please start to see the equine GENETICS sample selection page on this website.




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