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Adopt two kittens and saving life twice!

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Last Updated: June 4, 2015

foster kittens1 Adopt two kittens and saving life twice!

Did you know that cats are the number one euthanized pets in our animal shelters? According to ASPCA statistics, “the cat command stands, about 37% are assumed 41% are put to sleep, and less than 5%, which come as strays are returned to their owners.” In Adopt & amp; amp; To change these numbers so that for a limited time, we offer two kittens for adoption fee and 50% off adult cats Store, we want.

Why take two kittens?

If you adopt kittens at a time two, both benefited because:

  • It is easier for them to pass, in your home. With a sibling or a buddy gives you a sense of continuity and comfort as they adapt to their new surroundings.
  • You will be happier and healthier. Cats and kittens all day left alone can be lonely, depressed and even sick. With the stimulation of another cat she is engaged and keep social and manifest to prevent boredom in destructive ways.
  • You will learn how to make a “real” cat. “Nett” kitten behavior like scratching and biting become a problem if the cat gets bigger. Kittens learn appropriate biting and scratching levels of play together and identify signs if they rude to mean or.

Why Adopt two adult cats?

Sometimes, cats come to adopt & amp; amp; Laden are linked. The adoption of a mated pair will make life easier for you, as there is no learning curve, and they will give you the opportunity to continue to live with the ones you love. If there is no bound pairs available to talk one of our staff or volunteers in order to assess which two make the best match.

2cats hugging Adopt two kittens and saving life twice!

Do not forget – the adoption of two cats, two kittens is twice as much fun! Imagine all the joy that they bring you with their sweet snuggles and silly antics. Most importantly, you will save more lives: both you and take over the next two we can take from the shelter. Visit Adopt & amp; amp; Shop today to meet all of our adorable, adoptable cats!

Have you ever two kittens or two cats adopted together? How was the experience for you and for them? Let us in comments

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Adopt two kittens and saving life twice!




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