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5 Ways You Can Save Kittens Help – Right Meow!

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Last Updated: July 7, 2015

Cats are the unfortunate bearer of a very unfortunate distinction in our local shelter: will probably put to sleep. In the twelve months to June 2014 reported LA Animal Services that 6862 cats were euthanized, and those 4011 (or 58%) were unweaned puppies. As discouraging as these figures are, they are improving year by year through the hard work and dedication of shelter staff, volunteers and rescue operations. But more help is needed, we ask you to get involved through one of these 5 ways to save kittens.

Minions final1 5 Ways You Can Save Kittens Help   Right Meow!

1.) Take

Did you know that a recent study showed that cat owners are smarter than dog owners? (“Well, duh!” Said the dog owner.) I also think I heard somewhere that the more cats you are smarter. Ok maybe not. But kittens are adorable and fun! That should be reason enough to take a day or two. Two is always better, because they mutually to keep company. And, for a limited time, take & amp; amp; Shop offers two kittens for adoption to help fee, you save even more lives! You know you want a kitten. Why? Because you’re smart.

Every spring thousands of homeless kittens were born in Los Angeles. Well-meaning people bring litter after litter to local shelters, think they will be cared for and adopted. But the care of unweaned kitten is time-consuming, and shelters do not have the staff and resources it takes to tend to them all. Rescue groups like animals found Kitten Foster project rescue as many as they can, but they rely on volunteers to care for the pups until they are old enough to be adopted. Promoting a kitten is fun, and by promoting a kitten, you really help to save lives on kittens’.

3.) Volunteer with a cat rescue

There are many great organizations in the LA area, whose mission is to rescue cats. Have fun and make new friends as you assist with trapping, transporting, community outreach, adoption events, clinics, feeding and more. Stray Cat Alliance FixNation and Kitten Rescue are just a few that could use your help. You can also go on to find more opportunities in your area.

4) To cause to donate

They are already full on cats? No time to promote or voluntary? Then why not donate to the purpose? You can be a hero to a needy kittens for as little as $ 5 through the donation an item to the Foster Kitten project wishlist can.

5) Spay and neuter your pets

Here’s a math problem for you smarter than the average cat owners. When a fertile cat can take up to 3 litters a year, and every throw yields 4-6 kittens how many potential homeless kittens are born to this cat every year? That’s a problem, and the solution is spay / neuter.

Please help us, the prices of the shelter euthanasia fall. Visit Adopt & amp; amp; Store Culver City to your puppy to adopt today, and the word to your friends!

You have helped save kittens over any of the above steps? Let us in comments

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5 Ways You Can Save Kittens Help – Right Meow!




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