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Nutrition In Pregnant Dogs

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Last Updated: October 25, 2015

The exception is a circuit that requires special care in pregnancy period in dogs as it is in all living things. During this period, a higher percentage of normal life needs of the pregnant dog food.

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Nutrition In Pregnant Dogs

The changes can be seen in pregnancy:

Increase in the amount of fat
Reduction in activity
Increase in body weight

The amount of food given in the first weeks of pregnancy, the normal rate, you need to increase the amount in the later stages of pregnancy. Food needs have increased in parallel with the development of the offspring, the mother should be covered by increasing the food gradually. Also contained in the protein content should be considered to be higher.

Issues need to be careful to feed a pregnant dog are as follows.

First, regular and balanced diet is very important in pregnant dogs.
The amount of food and number of meals, if possible, give increasing
High protein content, balanced fat content of foods to choose
Clean and sufficient water to maintain constant
Essential minerals and vitamins to supplement (with the recommendation of the physician)

Pregnant dogs tend to gain weight. However, the mother’s excessive weight gain power should be avoided considering the possibility of birth. The balance of nutrients for this purpose should be protected and extreme care not to make regular walks.

As pregnancy progresses, the field shrinks the stomach due to the increased volume of fry more food at one time can cause ill give. To eat in smaller quantities and often will be more accurate.

Calcium in food may be deformed due to the exchange rate should be adequate and balanced ratio of calcium. As well as the calcium fetal development and lactation (breastfeeding) is a mineral important in the period.

Carbohydrates are used as the energy source must be taken that a sufficient level of food. Corn, wheat, rice include food can be given for this purpose.

During pregnancy is necessary daily energy (calories) your body needs when determining maternal weight, race, activity, number of offspring known if the ambient temperature and must be observed. This is an issue that should be considered during periods of lactation. This period also increases due to release of the energy and nutrient requirements of mother’s milk. Vitamins must be present in sufficient quantity in the food a pregnant dog as required for normal body metabolism.

Born from a reduction in food consumption in the last days, it can sometimes completely stopped the last 24 hours. This condition can be considered normal. The first days after birth may be less food consumption but also need to pay attention to give plenty of water.

Provide the required rate and balance of food at home is very difficult. Therefore, considering race and the daily needs of your dog, the amount of protein was increased, fat set, essential vitamins and minerals balance achieved puppy food called the puppy food and performance foods would be an ideal food for your dog.

Juveniles are called puppy food formula also be given to the mother during pregnancy and offspring, starting from the fetal stage to receive the same protein and carbohydrates and is useful for the high rate.

Nutrition In Pregnant Dogs




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